[Video] Ark: Survival Evolved | The Amazing Flying Thylacoleo!

4 Ehup Doylies! What’s Happening? Did you know that the Animal known as the Thylacoleo in the Game Ark: Survival Evolved could fly like Superman? Gaming,PC,Ark Survival Evolved,flying,Thylacoleo,Superman   00

[Video] Ark: Survival Evolved | Timelapse | Hunters Lodge Base Build | Part 1 Taming Pen

82 Ehup Doylies! What’s Happening? This is my very first attempt at a Timelapse Video, I am building a Hunters Lodge style Base in the Redwood area of the Center in Ark: Survival Evolved, in this first part… Read More

[Video] Grand Theft Auto 5 Online | Armored Car Trolling | Insurgent | Turreted Limo

24 Ehup Doylies! What’s Happening? In this Video I decided to have a little go at trolling using Armored Cars, namely the Insurgent and the flash looking Turreted Limo in Grand Theft Auto Online with my good friends… Read More

[Video] The Forest Game Funny Moments with Rage Quitters Replay

22 Ehup Doylies! What’s Happening? A little bit of nostalgia for you here, I played the Forest Game (or The Forest) with the Rage Quitters a long time ago, this was one of our first Collaborations and was… Read More

[Video] Ark: Survival Evolved | Update 256 | Flyer Nerf Fix

28 Ehup Doylies! What’s Happening? When Wild Card decided to release the Ark: Survival Evovled 256 Update on 1st April 2017, they added a Flyer Nerf which affected a number of things for Flying Dinosaurs including the removal… Read More

[Video] ARK:Survival Evolved | Rage Quitters Collaberation | Apex Dodo Mod | Replay

23 Ehup Doylies! What’s Happening? Welcome to another Replay Video, basically I take an older video and breath new life into it for your viewing pleasure, this time it is the very first collaberation I ever done with… Read More

[Video] Valve’s Half Life & Steam Review Where It All Began

29 Ehup Doylies! What’s Happening? In this Video I review a PC Game called Half Life which was created by the Valve Games Company and was released along with an Online Games Delivery System known as Steam, this… Read More

[Video] Ark: Survival Evolved | Inspired Dinosaur Figurine Collection | Showcase

24 Ehup Doylies! What’s Happening? In this Video I am going to talk about a little collection that I have started, what it is is an Ark: Survival Evolved inspired Dinosaur Figurine collection, I only have 3 Figurines… Read More

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